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The Corbyn Family


The story of the Corbyn Family of London is a complex one, Corbyn is a name of great antiquity, arriving on English shores during the Norman conquest of 1066, when Hugh de Corbon accompanied his second and fourth sons Robert de Corbon and Roger de Corbon at the invasion of England by Duke William of Normandy. Hugh de Corbon and his two sons are named by Ordericus among “the faithful and very valiant men” employed by Roger de Montgomery in the government of his new Earldom of Shrewsbury.

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My grandfather Francis Joseph Corbyn was a quiet, humble man, born on a cold winters night, in The Prince Of Wales pub, Putney on the 21st December 1911. His story begins in a Roman Catholic Home for boys, at North Hyde in Heston. Placed in the home at just 4 and a half, he lived on nothing but bread & water. His earliest memories were that of a red headed lady, we now know as Julia Annie Corben.

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